DVT and PE: A serious risk to your health

More than 100,000 Americans—many of them women just like you—die from Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) every year...

In fact, these two diseases are responsible for more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Most cases of DVT can be prevented, especially with early detection. Learn your risks. Download an educational fact sheet here. Explore this site to learn more, then talk to your health care provider today.

Le Keisha's DVT started after the birth of her daughter.

“The ER doctor then informed me that, if I had not
come into the hospital when I did, I would not have lived
through the rest of the night.” Read More

Caitlin's DVT began years ago.

“My DVT started when I was just nine years old. However,
it went undiscovered until 10 years later when a CT scan
revealed a massive DVT...” Read More

Debi's DVT was intensely painful.

“I couldn’t control my legs. I tried to make it to
the nearest phone, but I felt a huge wave of heat
come over me, and I passed out.” Read More

Traci's DVT was misdiagnosed.

“A test revealed that several DVT clots had broken
apart and traveled to my lungs—causing a
pulmonary embolism.” Read More


Pregnant women are five times more likely to develop DVT and PE. The risk is even higher in the first six weeks post-partum.

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If you are facing surgery, you are at an increased risk for a blood clot called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

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Learn your risks, download our educational patient information, then talk to your doctor for a complete examination for signs of DVT.

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